Nancy is available to speak at your event, gathering or place of business.  Sample topics include:

The Power of Effective Communication – This presentation is designed to share the insights about effective communication skills and is a topic that is of interest and benefit to everyone.  It is full of useful and practical tips as well as anecdotes that support the key points.  Your people will walk away with three fundamental tools for effective communication. They will pick up some ideas that will help them connect better with other people; listen with intention; and deliver an effective message.

Resolving Conflict and Creating Positive Change – Your group will walk away with 4 useful tips for dealing with the common type of conflict we all face at work and at home. They will be able to identify their typical reaction to conflict and will learn some tools for dealing with conflict more effectively.

Visioning and Goal Setting – Successful people accomplish their goals in life by design and not by default. During this presentation, your group will learn the importance of goal setting and some tips to create a personal vision. Additionally, they will walk away with ideas for SMART goals and how to put their goals into action.

Finding Balance – Your group will walk away with a better understanding of life balance and learn useful tips for making small changes for achieving a greater sense of fulfillment. They will be able to identify what life balance means to them and how the choices they make impact that sense of balance. Participants will develop a new perspective on how they can achieve a more balanced life.

From the Inside Out – Effective Ways to Manage Stress – The experience of stress has become a pervasive problem that we cover up by over-working, over-eating, over-avoiding, and by using drugs and alcohol to divert us from the discomfort that exists. But what we are really struggling with is how to appropriately cope with stress.  This speech will help participants learn effective ways to manage the stress they experience in today’s world.

Transitions and Transformations – In this presentations your participants will gain greater insight into what change is and why the process of change can be so tricky. They will also explore what it takes to move through the process of change with much more peace and calmness, and will be made aware of the internal transitions that are so often ignored when change occurs.  Change can lead to positive outcomes, and by exploring the transitions that accompany change, your attendees can learn to embrace change rather than resist it.

All of these topics can be tailored to best suit your group or the intent of your organization. Contact me for more information and availability.